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Benedict Butcher, an autistic nano who fuses flesh and steel.
Crankshaft, a mutant nano who talks to machines.
Edge Maverick, a swift jack who travels through time.
Eth, a mutant glaive who bears a halo of fire.
Jared Icarder, a charming jack who hunts with great skill.

Important Locations

The Wandering Walk
The Great Slab
The Gaze
Dessanedi, The Jagged Wastes
White Lake
The Orgorek
Tremble Pass




The Order of Truth
The Jagged Dream
The Provanis


Blink Shoes
Probability Engine
Disruption Blade
Shock Staff
Crankshaft’s Car
Glowing Skull

Adventure Log

1 – Beal of Boregal, in which the Party meets and helps some kids.
2- Help Us, in which the Party frees some randoms and finds some work.
3 – A Glowing Skull, in which the Party explores an alien landscape and finds some a pretty bone.
4 – Into the Pod, in which the Party sets out to explore a low orbit space station.
5 – Grey Matter, in which the Party “mediates” between brains and brain eating robots.
6 – End of the Eye, in which the Party meets a villain and saves an ironically named town.
7 – Eye Puns, in which the Party looks for someone during a coup.
8 – Glass is Sharp, in which the Party follows their quarry through a wasteland of glass.
9 – As One Villain Dies a New One Emerges, in which the Party welcomes a new member and kills a bad guy.
10 – ME LIKE FOOT-HURTERS, in which the Party ruins a religion and gains a wacky mascot.
11 – Memory Machine, in which the Party seeks lost memories and kills droids.
12 – Oops…, in which the Party releases a bug into space and eats some poisonous fruit.
13 – Vrooom!, in which the Party gets a new ride and finally arrives at their destination.
14 – Inside Man, in which the Party investigates some deaths and chase a guy.

Main Page

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