The Eye

This giant structure is thought to be a deity by the Pupils, but in reality it is a geosynchronous satellite which fulfilled some unknown purpose in the prior worlds. It drifts around the area known as The Gaze. In the past it would periodically cause an “observation”, projecting a beam of light at the ground and disintegrating anything caught in its line of sight.

The Eye can be accessed by a facility on the ground known as The Pod, which allows teleporation to the lower levels of the Eye.


Inside the Eye are various distinct floors partially firewalled from each other by requiring the use of floating orb vehicles to move between them.

Glass Level

This is the lowest level of the Eye. It is populated by an alien race of floating brains called Eurulians. In the past a conflict existed between the group of Grey Samplers which cohabited the level, but with the help of the Party, the Grey Samplers were destroyed.

Habitat Level

This is filled to the brim with strange devices and architecture which seem to conform to some alien creature’s idea of livable. It was here that the Party thought and drove off an Eurulian Master, a conglomeration of smaller individual Eurulians into a single being.

Shadow Level

A giant ring separates the Habitat Level from the Control Level. The corridors on this floor are poorly lit, except for a giant spinning mechanism floating in space in the center of the ring, which casts lights into the halls.

Control Level

The top floor of the Eye. Here the entire structure is controlled in a giant room with a monitor showing the ground beneath the Eye spread across the entire floor. Here, the Party first encountered Zelatrius and fought him, but he fled before they could deal with him for sure.

The Eye

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